Lucy Challenger

Private Home Staff Training Support

What type of Private Home Staff Training Services offer?​

Our services are created entirely around your needs.  Each client we work with is unique, and as such their staff will be made up of individual personalities, backgrounds and cultures.  Below are a number of case studies which may allow you to see the type of households we have developed training for previously, however, these are only a small fraction of the breadth of clients we have supported over the years.

Our training services are as one would expect highly bespoke.  There is no ‘off the shelf’ training approach.  That being said, many situations we see are ones that happen in many different properties and venues.
From the staff confidence, or the actual skills they have, through to time management or ability to work within the team. These aspects are often repetitive and as such we are extremely good at recognising them and training them to perfection. 

Our General Consultancy Process is the Following:

1. Silver Service
2. House Management
3. Housekeeping
4. Yacht Leadership
5. Butler
6. Front of House
7. Etiquette

8. Fire Awareness
9. Health and Safety
10. Food Hygiene
11. Rota Creation
12. Schedule Creation
13. Surveillance Days (falling under site visits)
14. Report Writing

To get in touch with us to discuss your private home consultancy service please get in touch with us here: