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Hospitality and Business Consultancy

What do our Hospitality and Business Consultancy Services offer?

From small restaurants to large chains, boutique pubs to franchised public houses, boutique hotels to major brand hotels, private clubs, luxury retail, private banks, casinos and resorts, all hospitality businesses face challenges.  From building the business through to staffing, troubleshooting and client retention, the nature of the hospitality industry is ever-evolving.   Our Hospitality and Business Consultancy Services offer you support to evolve your business in the areas which are needed.

With the bottom line and profit being a driving force for the majority of our clients, we have a reactive and evolved approach to our support system.  Regardless if you are a boutique pub or a large chain hotel company, we can focus on the areas of specific support that you and your current team need.  

Our general consultancy process is the following (although it is extremely worth noting that each client has individual needs and specific outcomes with the processes and we work in a reactive, rather than fixed sense).

Our General Consultancy Process is the Following:

Although it is extremely worth noting that each client has individual needs and specific outcomes with the processes and we work in a reactive, rather than fixed sense.

Stage 1 - Initial meeting

We meet with you via Zoom video (our preference) or we can meet you in our HQ in Mayfair or at your property itself (the latter are both chargeable meetings, whereas Zoom is complimentary).  We discuss the project, and what challenges are being faced.  

Stage 2 - Paperwork

Following our meeting, if you wish to commence the consultancy agreement, relevant T&Cs and service contracts are provided to you to review and sign. With fees discussed and disclosed.

Stage 3 - The Fix

During this timeframe, we will undertake a large number of routes, depending on the timezone and location of the properties. We will look at multiple strands to ‘fix’ the challenges at the site including:

  1. Video and Site visits. We begin to get ‘under the hood’ of the issues at play. From video conferencing and where appropriate site visits. This allows for us, and for you to deepen our understanding of what their household might need in order to achieve the desired outcome. We use a number of techniques including:
  a. Interview with the principals
  b. Interview with the household
  c. Detailed analysis of situations and daily occurrences in the property, looking at both positive and negative outcomes
  d. Surveillance day(s) where we observe and watch the staff at work

 2. Following on from our Video and Site Visits, we enter into a report building stage, where we assemble all our data, and produce a vital report based on our findings in the property. From here we discuss the road ahead which can include:
  a. Recruitment support for new team members
  b. Training support where we implement specific training for existing team members

What do our Consultancy Services offer?

Our services are entirely created around your needs.  Each client we work with is unique, with their own lives, focuses and challenges.  Below are a number of case studies which may allow you to see the type of work we have consulted with previously, however, these are only a small fraction of the breadth of clients we have supported over the years.

Continually Evolving Around our Clients Needs

Our consultancy services are continually evolving around the clients we work with.  We don’t understand the word ‘no’, we only understand ‘yes, how can we solve this’.  As is the nature of our business, we work with the most highly functional, highly successful individuals, couples and families around the world. 
We don’t look at obvious solutions, we look at the solutions that give our clients the greatest ROI and also the greatest life happiness.

Consultancy Services include:

  • Audit and report of entire property, hierarchy and staffing in place
  • Support and mentoring of principals with their household challenges
  • Support and mentoring of the principles staff within their household
  • Surveillance days which include site visits and subsequent reports
  • Detailed support structures put in place for new hierarchy, staff recruitment and staff training

To get in touch with us to discuss your private home consultancy service please get in touch with us here: