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Hospitality Staff Training Support

What type of Hospitality Training Support do we offer?

The hospitality business is a reactive and evolving industry.  Venues succeed and fail in a very short period of time.  Affected by the global markets, recessions and world pandemics, the fickle nature of the industry means that the leading players need to evolve, with new players looking for new niche ways to make their services stand out to their clients.  The market is saturated with choices for the consumer, and as such the hospitality industry must always look to better their services.  Regardless of what the brand values are, the client’s satisfaction and in turn repeat business is key to a successful company.

It is often apparent that a brand’s success depends on the team within the business.  Any weak links can have a huge impact on the brand’s turnover.  Staff happiness, staff turnover, and in turn the skillset that the staff bring to the business will affect the client’s bottom line.  

We have proven that the magic happens when the staff in the business are confident, skilled and able to encourage evolving behaviour in line with the brand USP.  Through our bespoke training packages and the work we do with our hospitality clients, we are able to support them with impact training which transforms their staffing skills and approach within the business itself.

Below are a number of case studies which may allow you to see the type of work we have consulted with previously, however, these are only a small fraction of the breadth of clients we have supported over the years.

Our General Consultancy Process is the Following:

1. Silver Service
2. House Management
3. Housekeeping
4. Yacht Leadership
5. Butler
6. Front of House
7. Etiquette

8. Fire Awareness
9. Health and Safety
10. Food Hygiene
11. Rota Creation
12. Schedule Creation
13. Surveillance Days (falling under site visits)
14. Report Writing

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