Lucy Challenger


Lucy Challenger LTD was founded by CEO Lucy Challenger.  After leaving school at 18 with 4 A levels, Lucy travelled the world for a year.  On her solo trip around the world Lucy found her zeal and spirit for adventure.  She qualified as an Open Water Scuba Diving Instructor and also qualified in Solo Skydiving.  Travelling on her own gave her the independence and zeal for life.  Returning to the UK she started her first degree at York University where she read English Literature.  It was quite a shock to the system!  From diving with sharks and working in elephant orphanages, she was suddenly on a 6 hour a week contact degree, with far too much time on her hands.

Partnering with now a life long friend, Lucy started a new fitness craze, which has since become a worldwide phenomenon and established form of fitness.  At the tender age of 21 she filmed and produced her first fitness DVD and went on to setup and found her first LTD company.  Building the brand and the successes within her first company, she completed her BA degree and then moved to London to start another three year training programme in Acting at Italia Conti Academy of Dramatic Arts.  

The three year Acting degree was a tough time for Lucy.  She found it challenging to be in education whilst balancing running her company and developing the products and brands within them.  Although focused on her degree, Lucy spent much of her time and energy developing contacts and links in the entertainment industry, in preparation for her graduation from the degree.  A few months before the end of her degree, she was awarded a space with a prestigious London acting agent and her life in the professional acting world began.

The next number of years followed a whirlwind of acting roles and exciting days and weeks.  Lucy met her husband to be Ben Challenger, and alongside the acting work, continued to grow her original company and her contacts.  On the 1st of September, 2012 Lucy & Ben married in a beautiful ceremony in Florence, Italy.  They were joined by 75 of their closest family and friends.

Over the next few years, Lucy was approached by many other businesses, colleagues and friends, with advice for their own small companies, in ways to expand and develop.  She helped write business plans and develop brand ideas.  Finally in October 2013, she founded and launched Lucy Challenger Ltd, a new consultancy company.  Today she has a number of unique and high profiled clients who she works with regularly to help with all aspects of business development.