Lucy Challenger

Private Home Recruitment Support

What type of Private Home Recruitment Support do you offer?

We designed our recruiting process to meet the needs of principals and their managing staff.
Lucy’s company Polo & Tweed, offer standardised off-the-shelf recruitment, with multiple packages and options for clients around the world.  If you are looking for simple, efficient and effective recruitment with her team please get in touch with Polo & Tweed here.

1. Site visits to meet with you/your family representatives
2. Lucy will support you in choosing the CVs you wish to interview
3. Lucy can attend interviews with you and the chosen candidates and help chair and guide the interview process
4. Lucy and her team will observe the candidates in ‘trial’ in the role, and then guide on offers
5. Lucy can help negotiate and guide you to secure the candidate with the best offer for both sides.
6. Lucy can perform additional screening and background checks with our security partners
7. Lucy will liaise with your solicitor and help with contracts and payroll should it be required.

To get in touch with us to discuss your private home consultancy service please get in touch with us here: