Lucy Challenger

Lucy Challenger


Lucy is the CEO and founder of the world-leading
Domestic & Training Agency, Polo & Tweed

Personalised Consultancy Services

Known as ‘The Fixer’ Lucy, and her highly bespoke, personalised consultancy services, give clients in the UK and around the world, access to Lucy and her team’s expert advice, guidance and bespoke packages. Tell us your needs, and Lucy will ‘fix’ all the problems.

Lucy and her team have worked globally with some of the biggest known brands and household names to date, both commercial and private clients and venues.

She also develops customised B2B training packages, which companies and larger household estates can offer to their staff to ensure that the highest standards are continually met within client and customer service.

No matter how small or big your problem is, Lucy can help. Get in touch with her and her team today!


“I first stumbled across Lucy and her ‘Fixer’ service when I was looking for simplistic training for the household in which I worked.  It soon became apparent that what we needed was much more detailed and in-depth support.  Over the course of 6 months, Lucy has transformed the household, the team and my principals are extremely happy. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”
Consultancy Client
“I have worked with Lucy and her team for many years.  Each step of our professional journey together has been a co-creation of Lucy’s expertise and her ability to adjust to the unfolding developments of our household and staff dynamic at play.  I have often wondered where we would be without her and her team’s priceless support.  I look forward to many years to come!”
Consultancy Client
“No matter how small or how large the ‘problem’ may seem to be.  Lucy has the ability to look ‘under the hood’ and get to the core issue.  Her reports are straight to the point, no-nonsense and get straight to the heart of the issues and more importantly how to resolve them.  I am delighted to work with her and will continue to work with Lucy and her team for many years to come”
Consultancy Client

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