Photoshoot with Sam Perry – Day 2

April 22, 2010 in New Media, News, Shoots

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The second day of working with Sam was on home turf! She suggested that as a location shot we worked out of a space I felt comfortable to achieve a gentle bedroom and outdoors look. We prayed for sunshine, but sadly the weather wasn’t on our side, and most of the day it rained which stopped us from achieving the brief of a park in a beautiful summer dress. However we were not down for too long and we got about working with the first look.

The final shot of the day was done on a balcony. This meant that if the heavens opened we could escape inside, but it meant that the five minutes of sun we did get we could use to our advantage! I was wearing a beautiful summer dress, and had braids in my hair to create a natural, free spirit look. The shots were stunning. They really captured the essence of nature, and the stunning views added to their feel. It wasn’t quite what we had set out to achieve, but I was so pleased with how they came out.

It was a great double day shoot. Elena as always was superb with the hair and makeup, and created each look with ease and talent. I had a great time working with Sam, not only is she an extremely talented photographer, she also made me feel really relaxed and comfortable with how she worked. I do hope I get to work with her again in the future to create some more stunning photos.


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