Photoshoot with Sam Perry – Day 1

April 16, 2010 in New Media, News, Shoots

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I finally made the leap and decided to go back to my original brunette hair colour. I really had enjoyed being blonde, but the hair dye was taking its toll and I wanted to return to my roots (no pun intended!) So at the end of March, I made my way to my favourite hair dresser, Andre Suard and let him loose on fixing my hair back to its natural state. It needed a good cut too, so I had it all re-shaped and trimmed to its original glory! I had started to do some research on photographers that I wanted to work with to take some new shots for my website when my hair changed colour, and I decided that Sam Perry’s style and photography would be perfect.

I loved her soft, gentle approach to her models and really felt that she would be able to capture my ‘girl next door’ look that I wanted to work towards. Being blonde had certainly opened doors in the industry, but it also stereotyped me into a certain area due to my rather large chest(!) so I wanted to focus on my English rose, innocence which I felt represented my style and acting ability much better.

We shot together over two days. Elena Diaz joined us on set as MUA, and as always her makeup and hair was incredible. Elena is a hugely talented artist, and I really enjoy working with her on every shoot I get the opportunity to!

Day 1 was a studio shoot and we worked with three looks. The first was a CK One advert style, and I was dressed in boyfriend jeans (literally!) and a baggy, but slightly fitted white t-shirt. My hair was styled straight but with a messy look, and during the shoot I played with it.

The next look was difficult to achieve. I wanted to have a corporate suit shot, as although its not a particularly inventive look to have, I often get requests for corporate work and would consider a role as an office worker – so it’s a base I needed to cover. I wore an extremely expensive suit, which helped create a really classy and simple picture. Slightly like a portrait, it was our least favourite one to shoot, as it was difficult to do anything interesting with the brief!

The final look of the studio shoot was evening wear, and I wore a funky evening dress. My hair was styled and my makeup suitable to a glamorous night on the town. Sam was brilliant to work with, very soft and gentle in the approach, I felt very relaxed and comfortable working with her. She asked me to do a variety of moves for the camera, and was extremely helpful to get me into the right positions to achieve good looks and expressions.

I was really impressed with how well the photos came out after Day 1, and I looked forward to the following day!


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