London Ink Shoot Part 2

November 18, 2008 in Shoots


The day of the tattoo! I was so nervous, so my mum agreed to come with me and hold my hand.

I arrived on set and Dan showed me the sketch he had done, it was amazing and I loved it straight away. My mum was a little overwhelmed by the size of the tattoo, but Dan explained that it was vital to have the lettering that size, so that as I aged the tattoo remained in perfect visual quality. He said how smaller lettering would distort and ‘bleed’ into the surrounding skin, making the tattoo look messy in a few years time.

They spent a while lining the letters up on my back, and making sure that the transfer was perfectly straight on my spine. I made the whole crew and tattoo artists and my mum check that it was perfectly straight, as that would be one mistake we wouldn’t be able to undo easily!

I lay down on the table that was prepared for me, and Dan told me to relax and not to fight the tattoo. He asked me if I was ready, and I took a deep breath and said yes!

As he begun the tattoo I was amazed by the sensation I felt. I was expecting it to be incredibly painful, particularly because it was going up my spine where there is no fat at all, but it was relatively painless. It felt like someone was scratching at my back, but only lightly and because Dan kept pausing before moving onto the next letter, I had a chance to recover!

First Dan did the outline of the letters, which he explained was the hardest part as it left no room for mistakes! Then he went back over the letters and filled them in using a different needle. My mum was fascinated by the whole process and was watching Dan while he worked – I sadly couldn’t see what he was doing, but I will when I’ve watched the episode!

Half an hour later the tattoo was finished. I looked at it in the mirror and was amazed by how perfect and beautiful it looked. I gave Dan a hug and felt extremely emotional over what I had just done. Dan remarked how easily he had been able to tattoo my skin, and that I wasn’t even red!

The tattoo healed straight away, and I wore protective bandages overnight and then applied a skin cream to help the moisture stay in the tattooed areas.

I went home after the show to reveal the tattoo to my grandfather, and he was extremely moved by what I had done. He thought it was as beautiful as I did.

I hope that wherever my grandmother is, she knows what I’ve done, and is proud that I loved her so much to carry her name around on me, wherever I go. I will have her on my skin until the day I die, and I couldn’t love the tattoo more.


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