London Ink Shoot Part 1

November 18, 2008 in Shoots

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The first day of the London Ink shoot I arrived on set in the afternoon. I had been asked by production if before I got my tattoo I would be happy to teach the artists how to pole dance!

As an advanced instructor of pole exercise, I am often asked to perform or teach, and they director of the shoot felt that it would add a fun element to the show.

I arrived on set, met with Dan and discussed the tattoo I was going to get him to design for me. I showed him the Greek letters that I wanted, and said I wanted to keep it simple and beautiful, and have the focus on the letters rather than any shading or added elements. He told me he would sketch something up for me, and I could see it when I next come back to the studio. I asked lots of questions about the tattoo process, and he was really lovely and very patient with me, answering all my questions! And that was that!

Next I set up the pole, and changed into my pole shorts and top, and then demonstrated some moves for the watching artists. Their faces were a picture! But true to form Dan and Nicole had a go, although the other two came over all camera shy! Still it was excellent fun and they all had a great time!

I left the studio, knowing Dan would be sketching something beautiful for the tattoo, and I was extremely excited to return the following week!


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