Interview With LA Muscle TV

March 11, 2009 in Modelling, News, Presenting, Shoots

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LA Muscle TV logo

I was invited by the team down at LA Muscle for an interview. On the day I turned up and to my surprise the lovely camera man Eduardo hopped in the car with me to take some footage of my sexy new car and to get my journey to the interview.

After the driving shoot, I met with the interviewer ā€“ a stunning girl called Andrianna. Before the interview commenced, she was chatting with me and we both discovered that we were half Greek ā€“ an immediate bond was made, and we hit it off straight away!

Fifteen minutes later, poor Eduardo had to intervene between our nattering to formally start the interview, which flew by as chatting with Andrianna was easy and fun!

I hope you enjoy watching, and hearing about some of the new projects that Iā€™m up to in my life!

Lots of love


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