Dizzee Rascal Music Video Shoot

February 1, 2009 in Music Videos, Shoots

I had the pleasure of working with HopeAudikana whom I had worked with on the Rimmel Makeup Shoot.

I was booked as the lead torturer on the music video, and would feature opposite Adam Deacon, who played Jay in Kidulthood.

My role and task was simple. Strut up and down the band members and extra girls looking menacing, yet sexy at the same time, and then finally help douse Adam with petrol before Dizzee set him on fire.

It was a shoot not for the faint hearted! My call was for 8am, and the site was an abandoned asylum in Epsom, Surrey. The location was incredibly eery, which is why it was chosen, as the energy and atmosphere of the place was so morbid, I didn’t need any help getting into role!

Once my hair and makeup was complete, I changed into my dominatrix costume and then went onto set. Dizzee was to feature in the Newham Generals new song ‘Head gets Mangled’ which I heard many times during playback on set. An aggressive song, with evocative lyrics, it really helped put me into a very aggressive and angry mood for the character I was to play.

During the torture scene, the set was cleared of crew, and only a skeleton crew remained consisting of the Director of Photography Tony Miller, and Ergo and Ryan the directors. I was asked to vocalize my aggression towards Adam, as I wrestled him to the ground where I would bite, lick and gernally cause him bodily harm! It was only now that I realized how quiet the set had become! After the first take, Dizzee Rascal poked his head round the door and said, ‘Lucy, hit him harder!’ to which I laughed, relaxed a little more, and gave it my all during the next take.

I have the great pleasure of letting you see the fabulous new video release that I was privileged to take part in! The final cut, as I’m sure you will agree looks amazing. The grade of the piece has resulted in a really ‘grimy’ dark feel to the video – which is both insane and sexy! An odd mix I’m sure you will agree, but one that works well.

Enjoy watching, and feel free to let me know what you think!


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