Catch My Breath – New Music Video

January 13, 2010 in Music Videos, News, Shoots

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I had the pleasure of meeting the band called Run Toto Run for filming their new single, Catch my Breath. At a late notice casting, I was booked to attend the shoot and headed over to East London to meet the team.

It was being directed by Nicholas Bentley, an up and coming director in the film and music video world.

Upon arrival we were explained that the entire shoot was based in a fantasy world which revolved around a giant octopus eating the lead member of the band! Myself and Sarah would be the tribal women who would dance around the men before killing them! So the subject matter was dark, but we were assured that it was a comic book/fantasy scene and our hair and makeup would reflect that. We were dressed in black dresses with fantastic makeup and huge hair with feather in it.

The choreographer Vikki Burns was a talented dancer who taught us her tribal choreography and helped us capture those ‘bird-like’ movements in our head and body. It was difficult as Nicholas was working with a slowed down version of the track, which he would then speed up at post production to create his desired effect. I felt sorry for Rachael (the lead singer of the band) as she was having to lip sync to her own voice slowed down – which was an interesting sound to hear on repeat! Never-the-less she did a brilliant job whilst being attacked by tentacles!

The day was an extremely long shoot, with working into the early hours of the morning. Still, I was very pleased with the end result of the shoot as it looks surreal and beautiful, which is what I hope the band and Nicholas wanted to capture.

I look forward to seeing the video on MTV!


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