The Woman and the Machine

December 10, 2009 in Film, Shoots

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I was contacted by Miguel Almagro to shoot a featured role in his new film, The Woman and the Machine. I asked him to send me the script and although my character met a very grizzly end, I was really impressed by the work he had shot so far and jumped at the chance of being involved.

The script was about a woman in duel dimension who creates a machine in a trance. She then commissions to get the machine made. Jump forward to the future or present, and we see her at a party, where the guests are enthralled by the machine, and it leads to the death of a young woman (played by myself).

The part of the film I was shooting in was the modern or futuristic world, so I was needed for two long shooting days. We had a great crew on board, with fab runners and technicians, plus the very important MUA (makeup) who was Elena Diaz – a brilliant makeup artist of whom I am good friends with.

The shooting days were long, but went really well. We were shooting in Hoxton Hall, a beautiful old music hall in Hoxton, London.

The venue was atmospheric, so an actress my job was made very easy – much easier than the green screen work I seem to have been doing an awful lot of recently!

The premier is yet to happen, but I would love you to watch the trailer. As soon as the film has been released I will upload the full version so you can enjoy my rather grizzly death at the final scene (in a nice way please!)


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