Fightstar Mercury Summer Video Shoot

February 26, 2009 in Film, Music Videos

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On Thursday the 29th of January, I was selected to take part in Fightstar’s new music video. Fightstar is the a band started by Charlie from Busted, so I was really excited to be taking part in music history!

The shoot was taking part in a North London studio on Green Screen. I was going to be featured as the ‘love interest’. The shoot revolved around memories and forgotten happiness, so I was required to have six different ‘looks’. The shoot was being directed by Ben Strebel and Dylan Byrne, two amazing directors from Just Another Film Company.

I was placed on a automatic revolve also in green screen and was asked to stare in various expressions and at various marks in the room whilst the revolve revolved! As I turned to face the camera, I would then be asked to take my stance into action – be it jumping for a balloon, or dancing, or curling into a ball as if to sleep.

Vintage Swimwear!

In post production, I believe they would edit me to suddenly appear as if in a snap shot of a memory – reflecting on the songs lyrics of happy times now forgotten.

Full Geek Chic!

The band each took their turns on the revolve and mimed to the very catchy song which I couldn’t get out of my head for days!

Charlie – The Lead Singer

I really hope you enjoy the video, it was great to be shot in so many different looks, as it shows how versatile I can be. The day was a great success and I totally LOVE the video. The directors Ben and Dylan were fab, and the rest of the crew lovely. The stylist and makeup superb and the atmosphere really special. I hope they are as all chuffed as I am with the finished product!

Love Lucy


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