Marbella Nights – Winner of the Marbella Short Film Festival 2009

November 27, 2009 in Festival, Film, News, Shoots

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At the start of October I flew to out to Marbella to work with Si Wall, a renowned documentary maker and director. He had invited me to shoot for the Marbella Short Film Festival, where over 34 entries would be given a subject, some props and 24 hours in which to shoot a short 5 minute film.

Although we had been sent some potential scripts from Si in advance, neither myself or the other actress Annalea Doyle were prepared for the night of excitement that was to come!

On the day of the shoot, we were given the subject – dark comedy. Si mentioned some obscenities that were best not mentioned here, as neither script he had brought were dark comedy in nature. So Si, us and the crew sat down to discuss some potential ideas. After about an hour and no development I made a suggestion.

‘What if we are two girls out for a girls holiday here, and we take someone home and accidentally kill him. Then the comedy will hopefully come with what to do with the body!’

Si loved it, and he set about story boarding and working out the basic script outline, with which myself and Annalea helped with. I was happy to bring all my experience in production work to the table, as we needed all hands on deck!

And thus Marbella Nights was shot. At 4am we finally were wrapped and then Si and his crew set about the long process of editing the piece.

Sadly, an illness in the UK meant I couldn’t be there to go to the award ceremony that William Shatner was hosting, however imagine my shock and joy when I found out we had WON!

Over 34 entries, an incredibly tight deadline, but a brilliant supportive cast, Si – a wonderful director who listens to your own thoughts as an actress, as well as giving you good direction to help bring the best out of you, we made it through to win!

Our entry will be shown in Cannes Film Festival 2010.

I really hope you enjoy the short movie, and prepare yourself for some dark scenes. Afterwards, Si sent me some press details, which featured a picture of Annalea and Si, and an interview with Si. Oooh and you must tell me if you like my brown hair for the shoot – I’m back to blonde now!


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