January 19, 2010 in Festival, Film, Shoots

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Si Wall, a brilliant director I worked with on the Marbella Nights shoot asked me shoot with him again on a script he had written called ‘Angie.’ Once I read the script I jumped at the chance of filming it, as it was extremely moving and powerful in its content.

Si asked me to attend the castings to find the woman who would be acting opposite me, playing Angie, my mother. We held the castings in a small quirky studio in South London, and the day brought us a variety of great, and not so great (!) actresses. One woman who blew us away was a woman called Janice Pearson, and although she had less experience than others her natural talent and grasp of the character blew us both away.

After Si broke the news to Jancie that she would be working opposite me, I started learning my lines. Line learning can be quite daunting for new actors, but I always work line at a time, page at a time no matter how big the script is, so that I don’t get overwhelmed by the amount. After all if I can learn a lead in Shakespeare’s plays, then I can learn anything!

We filmed Angie over two days. The first day was the location shots of establishing my journey to the court house. Si wanted there to be ambiguity about who and where I was going. I could be a woman on her way to work, I could be a lawyer – he liked creating a mystery to where I was going, and who I was. We also filmed the flashback sequences, and Si and the crew were extremely sensitive to the disturbing subject matter that we were trying to capture.

The second day we met at The Bill studios where we were using Talk Back Thames court house set. It was a great place to film, as I immediately felt drawn into my character and her plight even more, as I stepped onto the set with my costume on. This day of filming went really well. It was a tough day, with high emotion on set from both Janice and myself – but the crew and Si were really supportive and we filmed a huge amount of footage. I got work again with Elena Diaz a super MUA and Dawn Bell, a talented stylist joined us today to help with costume and continuity.

At 6pm the wrap was called and we all had a few cast photos and expressed our delight at such a professional and wonderful shoot. Si has now sent me the finished film. I hope you like it, and I look forward to increasing my work in these heart-felt and powerful dramas.


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