Voice Over job for Air Tattoo

November 27, 2009 in Commercials, Voice Over

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I was booked to play the role of the mother in a recent VO job for an Air Tattoo. With very short notice I whizzed up to the recording studios in Birmingham, was given the script and then into the booth!

The advert was an animation which was pretty cool to watch, and my script lines were:

For all of us!….Sunset Concert!…..Fresh Air!….Why not?…..The Red Arrows!

I was working with three other VO artists, who were very talented, and it was great fun to listen to them record their lines in the booth whilst I was waiting.

Voice Over work is very different to normal acting, in fact it’s a whole new skill to itself. You no longer have your physicality attached to you voice, as the listener can only hear, not see you – so you really have to be on top of your intentions and motive for each word or passage.

Voice over work can also be quite repetitive, as often clients will want certain words or phrases read out in a multitude of ways so that they can get the feel or impression they are look for. With this in mind, you have to be skilled at changing and varying what you are saying, otherwise you give the client no choice in selecting different passages.

Again it can be quite disorientating for the actor to read a passage without any response from the other actors, so its really important to remember your script before and after so you don’t get confused to why you are saying the certain line.

Being in sound booths are a really relaxing place to be, and I really enjoy my time in recording sound and voice over for film, advert or TV. I look forward to many more jobs to come, who know maybe one day I will get my own animated character in a feature film!


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