Rimmel Test Commercial

September 1, 2008 in Commercials

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On the 7th of June, I was lucky to be involved in a new Rimmel Commercial being filmed by two new up and coming directors Hopeaudikana.

The directors Ryan and Ergo were very supportive on the shoot. They had emailed me my spoken lines prior to the shoot, so I was confident in my words and this helped my nerves on set.

On the day of the shoot I was called for 11am. When I arrived they were shooting the beauty shots with the young girls. We broke for lunch and then I went into hair and makeup. The look devised for the headmistress was stern but sexy, i.e. they didn’t want a battleaxe (which is why they cast me!) but they wanted a severity about the look. My hair was pulled into a tight bun and striking makeup with red lipstick applied.

I rehearsed outside with Ryan, and the producer, and last minute Ryan decided to change some of my lines. However, I enjoyed the new version of lines, so adapted quickly to the change.

First I had some shots taken with myself and the caretaker, viewing the lipstick covered mirror.

Next we moved onto the main section of my work, where I entered the toilets, revealing what had been happening to the girls. ‘Girls, girls, girls,’ I said, ‘It’s not about what you do, it’s about how you do it!’ The first few takes I was a little sterner, and Ryan asked me to be slightly more suggestive in my overtone. After all, I was a young girl once, and was making the point that with a little bit of age and wisdom, life becomes a lot more exciting! We did some more takes and then moved onto my last shot section.

Here the camera followed my legs and watched me walking across the room. I believed that this section would be later used to show me approaching the room and the girls with the sound of footsteps added in post.

At 11pm the wrap was called. It had been 12 hours of excellent direction, brilliant crew and a great first professional experienced commercial. Ryan commented afterwards how professional he thought I had been, and how pleased he was with my look and my actor’s talent. I was incredibly chuffed!

I had a great experience at my first commercial shoot, with brilliant support from the directors and crew around me. Although I was extremely knackered at the end of the day, I was enthused with wondering what the finished product would look like.


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