NHS Commerical for Chlamydia!

February 23, 2009 in Commercials, New Media

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I was very lucky to be successfully cast in a new NHS commercial for self-test kits for chlamydia. Perhaps like Joey from Friends, this will be my big break as I am now the ‘face’ of the disease! However thankfully I’m not the one with it, I’m advising people how not to get it!

Upon entering the site, you are asked to choose which preference of sex you prefer, and when you select girl you find me…in my underwear!

The shoot was great, as we shot on green screen and the crew was super professional with excellent direction, if a somewhat cheesy script! Having learnt my lines the night before (on another shoot!) I breezed through the scenes and took all the shots quickly and smoothly.

I hope you enjoy clicking through the interactive different scenarios, and always remember to practise safe sex!

Click here to view the magic!


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