Martini Royale Commercial

September 25, 2011 in Commercials, News

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I was invited to film the latest commercial for Martini Royale. I was cast as a lead character, set to be playing opposite a talented young actor called Guilherme. I was to play his on screen partner.

The concept of the piece was that a young couple on a glamorous night out get invited one by one behind the bar to make their ‘perfect’ drink. The bar goes, so excited by the drinks thats the couple make decide that they also want the Martini experience and by the end of the evening everyone is drinking Martini. Read More…

British Sea Power – Living is so Easy

February 28, 2011 in Music Videos

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I was invited to shoot with British Sea Power, an up and coming Indie Rock band. It sounded like a really interesting shoot, as the director was taking influence from footage from Henri-Georges Clouzot’s unfinished 1964 film L’Enfer, also known as Inferno.

We shot the video in a studio off Brick Lane (whee I had shot the Rimmel Commercial) and the stage consisted of a black backdrop, so quite simple. The band were styled in a surreal way, with blue lipstick, and I was given a 60s look with a sheen and glitter effect to my skin.

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Photoshoot with Sam Perry – Day 2

April 22, 2010 in New Media, News, Shoots

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The second day of working with Sam was on home turf! She suggested that as a location shot we worked out of a space I felt comfortable to achieve a gentle bedroom and outdoors look. We prayed for sunshine, but sadly the weather wasn’t on our side, and most of the day it rained which stopped us from achieving the brief of a park in a beautiful summer dress. However we were not down for too long and we got about working with the first look.

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Photoshoot with Sam Perry – Day 1

April 16, 2010 in New Media, News, Shoots

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I finally made the leap and decided to go back to my original brunette hair colour. I really had enjoyed being blonde, but the hair dye was taking its toll and I wanted to return to my roots (no pun intended!) So at the end of March, I made my way to my favourite hair dresser, Andre Suard and let him loose on fixing my hair back to its natural state. It needed a good cut too, so I had it all re-shaped and trimmed to its original glory! I had started to do some research on photographers that I wanted to work with to take some new shots for my website when my hair changed colour, and I decided that Sam Perry’s style and photography would be perfect. Read More…


January 19, 2010 in Festival, Film, Shoots

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Si Wall, a brilliant director I worked with on the Marbella Nights shoot asked me shoot with him again on a script he had written called ‘Angie.’ Once I read the script I jumped at the chance of filming it, as it was extremely moving and powerful in its content.

Si asked me to attend the castings to find the woman who would be acting opposite me, playing Angie, my mother. We held the castings in a small quirky studio in South London, and the day brought us a variety of great, and not so great (!) actresses. One woman who blew us away was a woman called Janice Pearson, and although she had less experience than others her natural talent and grasp of the character blew us both away.

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Presenters Showreel

January 9, 2010 in Corporate, Modelling, New Media, News, Presenting, Shoots

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Over this year, I’ve had many requests to work as a presenter. Although my training initially consisted of direct address and ad lib to camera, I have now worked with talk back and auto cue. Presenting is not as easy as it seems, as you need to capture the spirit of the presentation and subject without loosing sight of the technique needed to deliver the words. Read More…

The Woman and the Machine

December 10, 2009 in Film, Shoots

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I was contacted by Miguel Almagro to shoot a featured role in his new film, The Woman and the Machine. I asked him to send me the script and although my character met a very grizzly end, I was really impressed by the work he had shot so far and jumped at the chance of being involved.

The script was about a woman in duel dimension who creates a machine in a trance. She then commissions to get the machine made. Jump forward to the future or present, and we see her at a party, where the guests are enthralled by the machine, and it leads to the death of a young woman (played by myself). Read More…

Marbella Nights – Winner of the Marbella Short Film Festival 2009

November 27, 2009 in Festival, Film, News, Shoots

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At the start of October I flew to out to Marbella to work with Si Wall, a renowned documentary maker and director. He had invited me to shoot for the Marbella Short Film Festival, where over 34 entries would be given a subject, some props and 24 hours in which to shoot a short 5 minute film.

Although we had been sent some potential scripts from Si in advance, neither myself or the other actress Annalea Doyle were prepared for the night of excitement that was to come!

On the day of the shoot, we were given the subject – dark comedy. Si mentioned some obscenities that were best not mentioned here, as neither script he had brought were dark comedy in nature. So Si, us and the crew sat down to discuss some potential ideas. After about an hour and no development I made a suggestion. Read More…

Voice Over job for Air Tattoo

November 27, 2009 in Commercials, Voice Over

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I was booked to play the role of the mother in a recent VO job for an Air Tattoo. With very short notice I whizzed up to the recording studios in Birmingham, was given the script and then into the booth!

The advert was an animation which was pretty cool to watch, and my script lines were:

For all of us!….Sunset Concert!…..Fresh Air!….Why not?…..The Red Arrows!

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Room 4 Rent Short Film goes to Cannes 2009!

May 15, 2009 in Festival, Film, Shoots

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I had the pleasure on working on a short film where I was playing the rather dappy blonde looking for a room to rent! On the day of the shoot, it was great to find out I was working with Edward Marsden, a fabulous actor whom I had met whilst shooting a recent Carlsberg advert (more to come on that at a later date!). I also met a wonderful comedian called Simon Feilder who was playing the lead actor in the film.


I was working with Rohith Govindraj, who was the director for the shoot, a lovely and professional director with good energy. Read More…

New Pole Exercise DVD Casting – Video

March 18, 2009 in New Media, Shoots

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On the 1st of March, I held a casting for various DVDs in which I am involved. The first was for my second Pole Exercise DVD.

We held the castings at image 1st as I know the owner Doren very well, and it was extremely kind of him to let us use his studio on the Sunday.

LA Muscle TV joined us for the day, to capture the behind the scenes footage of the drama, the tears and the joy! Eduardo the cameraman did a fantastic job as usual, and I hope you enjoy the X-Factor of pole! Read More…

Interview With LA Muscle TV

March 11, 2009 in Modelling, News, Presenting, Shoots

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LA Muscle TV logo

I was invited by the team down at LA Muscle for an interview. On the day I turned up and to my surprise the lovely camera man Eduardo hopped in the car with me to take some footage of my sexy new car and to get my journey to the interview.

After the driving shoot, I met with the interviewer – a stunning girl called Andrianna. Before the interview commenced, she was chatting with me and we both discovered that we were half Greek – an immediate bond was made, and we hit it off straight away! Read More…

Fightstar Mercury Summer Video Shoot

February 26, 2009 in Film, Music Videos

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On Thursday the 29th of January, I was selected to take part in Fightstar’s new music video. Fightstar is the a band started by Charlie from Busted, so I was really excited to be taking part in music history!

The shoot was taking part in a North London studio on Green Screen. I was going to be featured as the ‘love interest’. The shoot revolved around memories and forgotten happiness, so I was required to have six different ‘looks’. The shoot was being directed by Ben Strebel and Dylan Byrne, two amazing directors from Just Another Film Company. Read More…

NHS Commerical for Chlamydia!

February 23, 2009 in Commercials, New Media

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I was very lucky to be successfully cast in a new NHS commercial for self-test kits for chlamydia. Perhaps like Joey from Friends, this will be my big break as I am now the ‘face’ of the disease! However thankfully I’m not the one with it, I’m advising people how not to get it!

Upon entering the site, you are asked to choose which preference of sex you prefer, and when you select girl you find me…in my underwear! Read More…

Vote for me! The Best Job in the World!

February 18, 2009 in Presenting

I am entering the global competition to find a caretaker for a beautiful island in Australia! I have submitted my video application, and now all I need if for you, my faithful friends and fans to vote for me! Please do rate my video, and then if I am selected for the top 50 applicants I will let you know, as this will require a second vote!

I am hoping to get to the final 10 invited to interview as it would be the most amazing experience in the whole world – and you are all welcome to come and hang out with me in paradise if I get the job! Read More…

Dizzee Rascal Music Video Shoot

February 1, 2009 in Music Videos, Shoots

I had the pleasure of working with HopeAudikana whom I had worked with on the Rimmel Makeup Shoot.

I was booked as the lead torturer on the music video, and would feature opposite Adam Deacon, who played Jay in Kidulthood.

My role and task was simple. Strut up and down the band members and extra girls looking menacing, yet sexy at the same time, and then finally help douse Adam with petrol before Dizzee set him on fire. Read More…

MET-Rx Calender Shoot

January 28, 2009 in Modelling, Shoots

I was selected by MET-Rx to take part in their new calender shoot.  They are looking for the new female face for their line of products, and are running a competition where they select twelve models, and then one of the twelve girls become the face of Met-Rx.

Prior to the shoot, I did some research and checked out the American calender which was very sexy and glamorous – but I was determined to do a great job! Read More…

Rimmel Test Commercial Part 2

January 22, 2009 in Commercials

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The storyboard revolved around three naughty school girls who were continuously dressing up in front of the school toilet mirrors whilst kissing and painting the mirror with their new red lipstick. I was given the role of the sexy headmistress, who was furious that the girls were continually causing mischief, even though they had been warned to stop several times. Read More…

London Ink Shoot Part 1

November 18, 2008 in Shoots

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The first day of the London Ink shoot I arrived on set in the afternoon. I had been asked by production if before I got my tattoo I would be happy to teach the artists how to pole dance!

As an advanced instructor of pole exercise, I am often asked to perform or teach, and they director of the shoot felt that it would add a fun element to the show. Read More…

London Ink Shoot Part 2

November 18, 2008 in Shoots


The day of the tattoo! I was so nervous, so my mum agreed to come with me and hold my hand.

I arrived on set and Dan showed me the sketch he had done, it was amazing and I loved it straight away. My mum was a little overwhelmed by the size of the tattoo, but Dan explained that it was vital to have the lettering that size, so that as I aged the tattoo remained in perfect visual quality. He said how smaller lettering would distort and ‘bleed’ into the surrounding skin, making the tattoo look messy in a few years time. Read More…

Tattoos, Ink and Art

September 6, 2008 in News


I was very lucky to spend an amazing 22 years with my grandmother, and when she passed away two years ago, I was devastated. Loss of someone that was so special is still extremely difficult to deal with, and there is not a day goes by that I don’t think about how much I love her.

My grandmother was an amazing person; I do believe I have got most of my spirit and joy for life from her. She was a passionate and driven person, with an incredible wise spirit and loving nature. I felt very strongly about doing something that would represent my love for her, and what she stands for in my life. Read More…

Rimmel Test Commercial

September 1, 2008 in Commercials

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On the 7th of June, I was lucky to be involved in a new Rimmel Commercial being filmed by two new up and coming directors Hopeaudikana.

The directors Ryan and Ergo were very supportive on the shoot. They had emailed me my spoken lines prior to the shoot, so I was confident in my words and this helped my nerves on set. Read More…

Welcome to my New Site!

August 24, 2008 in News

I’m very excited to be posting for the first time in my new blog! I really hope you like the look of my new site which has been designed and produced by Andrew Weeks, my fabulous and talented website designer. Andrew is a true perfectionist and his work, as I hope you will agree, is outstanding.

Over the next year I will be completing my final year at Italia Conti Academy of Acting, and I will regularly posting on my blog regarding the shows, events and work I am doing. I’m also hoping to use my creative writing and literary skills (courtesy of my English degree) to write some articles about acting itself, the industry and also auditioning for drama schools. Read More…